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Welcome to my little exit off of the information superhighway.

To introduce myself I am no one of particular significance. As some of you who stumbled upon here may have already implied, I am a subversionary toward certain geopolitical forces whose stated agenda seems to be the implementation of a new world order, or rather a situation in which the entire world’s population is governed under a single body controlled by relatively few individuals. Due to the insidious nature of this agenda, one can reasonably go as far as to define it a conspiracy, and I would surely agree. That isn’t to say however, that I am a conspiracy theorist, for I do not submit to any amount of speculation regarding this conspiracy that amounts to theoretical assumptions not based around its evident axioms. I decided to start this site due to my desire to present a more extensive examination into its various aspects, as generally discussed in alternative media, to the necessary effect that I feel is not being given consideration. It is my contention that the matter is not being approached from an objective a manner as is conducive to understanding it appropriately, and this circumstance hinders our capacity of producing any viable means by which we may improve the situation. Even this claim is of course, limited to the argument that what the opposing conspirators are doing is morally unjustifiable. And therein lies my primary objective to demonstrate how such a matter must be observed in as complete and orderly a fashion as possible, especially given its significant implications, in order to properly comprehend it.

For those of you who are already well aware of the existence of this conspiracy, I hope this place will serve as a supplement for your own work or research, and that you find my material to be relevant in some way. For those who have only just recently happened upon this discovery, allow me to aid you in properly coping with the potential flood of emotions you might experience and guide you in your journey. I can not claim to be an authority on the topics I will be discussing, for I am but a humble follower of the work provided by so many others whose principle intentions are to inform. I will however state that as my fundamental interest is in philosophy, you may feel as though my perspectives are unique to a degree, and my desire is to inspire at least a modicum of critical thought. I will point out that to truly grasp the complexity of our situation requires a deep understanding of a variety of factors that seem to span virtually all the maxims of our reality.

At the top of the page you will see a number of tabs that serve as a guide in exploring this website. Included in the content you will find articles or essays from myself and other authors, videos such as documentaries, informational diagrams and other miscellaneous documents, a myriad of sources you can utilize to reference the information I provide, and much more. These will all be organized into their respective categories. On the right side of the page you will find links to certain independent media outlets I feel are rather informative. I will introduce to you some of the key individuals involved in this conspiracy and other notable individuals that may have had a role in shaping our modern civilization. I will also be producing a podcast. Anyone who so desires to learn more about me may refer to the designated link located on the left side of the page, where you can also find my contact information. As I feel it is most vital you be free to speak your mind, I suggest you participate in and direct all your comments to the forum I’ve created which can also be found on the right.

So thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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